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Business Services Overview

Logan & Associates Ltd. - Unparalleled Business Practices

Logan & Associates Ltd. offers professional business services across a wide range of industries from our office in Highland Park. From consulting firms and transportation companies to retailers and wholesalers, we have the necessary experience to consult with commercial businesses who need professional help to cut down costs. Our variety of services provides clients with powerful opportunities to change or improve their businesses. It is our goal to help our client’s businesses succeed and to give them unparalleled assistance. 

Business Services for All Your Needs

Our CPA team is experienced taking care of businesses’ unique financial needs. We see each client as unique and tailor our services accordingly. Clients can improve their profit margins and let us manage pieces of their business that are difficult to handle or are too time-consuming. Some of our key services include: 

Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations – We assure your company’s investors that financial statements are accurate. With our three levels of assurance, the audit being the highest, review being the middle, and compilation being minimal assurance, we objectively examine your financial statements and certify they are free from mistakes. 

Cash Flow Management – Staying financially aware of cash flow is a key part of running a successful business. We help companies stay on top of their cash flow and create strategies to maximize profits. We can also develop short and long-term strategies and cash-flow projections that accurately demonstrate and improve financial flow. 

Corporate Financing – When clients need funding to grow their companies, it is essential to craft a detailed and winning loan proposal. Our experienced staff creates this proposal with your goals in mind, based on how lenders think, so documentation has everything they need to approve additional finances. 

Strategic Business Planning – Clients have dreams for their business to succeed, grow, and provide excellent service. We put that plan on paper and formulate a strategy to realize those goals. 

Non-Profit Organizations – The IRS requires a substantial amount of information for a non-profit to function with tax-exemption status. We compile financial statements, organize your accounting system, train your accounting personnel, and complete and file the non-profit application form. 

Our list of services continues with new business formation, succession planning, employee benefit plans, and internal controls. Clients and businesses have the freedom to choose the services they require; it’s our passion to provide genuine, unique attention to each of our clients. 

Contact Logan & Associates to Help Your Business

Our Highland Park CPA’s are available for business owners who want to maximize their profits and improve their company’s financial standing. In today’s complex economy and even more complex tax system, it’s important to have professionals handling your business needs. Call Logan & Associates Ltd. today, and receive the financial assistance your business deserves.